Gameboy Made Good

From kampung kid to founder of mobile games publisher, David Ng tells all.

By Edmund Wee      1 September 2020

Share some of your favourite games.

My all-time favourite massively multi-player online role-playing game is World of Warcraft. My favourite mobile game is Brave Frontier, while my favourite hyper casual game is Odd Bods Turbo
Run because we made it and it’s awesome.

[NSman Tip: Oddbods is a Singaporean-British CGI-animated comedy television series produced by Singapore-based studio One Animation. It is Singapore’s top Youtube channel with over six million subscribers and over nine billion video views across various Youtube handles. Psst, that’s even higher than the views of Singapore’s top YouTuber, JianHao.]

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

For example, the four years I was in Indonesia meant early Monday morning flights to Jakarta and late Friday night flights to Singapore every week.

How are games making their footprints in today’s world?

It’s as important as the entertainment industry such as music and videos, with an added interactive element. The media giants are now realising that they need to embrace the gaming industry as a form of outreach to the younger generation.

The young are reading less print and watching less TV or movies, so these companies have to be able to reach their audiences in the digital realm. One way is via interactive digital media content. It’s more common nowadays to see brands build transmedia content. For example, original movies that are successful are then translated into TV series, toys, books and games. You’ll also see telecom companies and super apps like Grab incorporate games into their ecosystems in order to retain and engage this generation.

The World Economic Forum 2020’s forecast for the global video game market is approximately US$150billion. What are your views on this industry forecast?

Virtual reality games are still far from being commonplace due to device availability, but technology and price will sort itself out in time to come. What I foresee will be an increase in popularity for
augmented reality (AR) games. A clear indicator would be Pokemon Go. The game has almost set the industry benchmark for AR since its launch.

On the recent trend of AR minigames on Instagram and Tik Tok, , I foresee that it could fuel growth in that area. The mobile game industry will continue to grow, especially in emerging markets. Also, 5G will bring about increased downloads, and streaming games will remove friction points like big bandwidth and hardware requirements to increase user adoption in the years to come. All in all, the gaming industry is expected to be a vibrant and healthy community.


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