Gameboy Made Good

From kampung kid to founder of mobile games publisher, David Ng tells all.

By Edmund Wee      1 September 2020

David Ng has come a long way from his days as a kampung boy. Being a gaming veteran, he has worked with game behemoths such as Sega and Nickelodeon. Today, as CEO of goGame, a company that helps mobile game developers publish games, he runs seven offices in Asia with over 150 employees. Yet he recognises the importance of staying grounded. “I grew up yearning for the finer things in life. It was only much later that I realised, upon achieving many of those ‘dreams’, that they were not important to living a good life. I can be very happy with simpler things and
happiness comes from family, friends and work,” he explained.

We chat with him to find out more about his philosophy. Video on the last page!

How did you get started in gaming?

Back in those days, there was no Internet. Thus, when my primary school received an original Apple 2 computer, the entire school had to share that one computer at the lab. I was really excited and spent whatever time I had over there. l guess this would chart the course of my career.

How was goGame conceived?

I was actively involved in the Asia gaming market since 2007. In 2012, I was headhunted by Gumi Inc to scale its gaming business outside Japan. During this period, the gaming industry was experiencing phenomenal growth. Armed with my years of experience and understanding on the tremendous rapid growth potential of this industry, I decided to build my own company, goGame. I was very fortunate to have the support of Sega Games, Incubate Fund Japan and KDDI Japan to invest in my start-up.

Share more about goGame.

GoGame came about when I realised that it was extremely challenging for game developers to market their products in this region because it’s so fragmented.

Do you see yourself as entrepreneur, mobile game developer or gamer?

All three. I started off as a gamer, then went on to create mobile games and, of course, became an entrepreneur. My studio created many original games as well as big-brand ones in collaboration with Sega, Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, to name a few.


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