Game Night

Gather your buddies and family members for a rollin’ good time with our pick of the party and game apps on Game Night.

By Shannon Lim      9 November 2019

Heads Up!

Originating from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Heads Up! is similar to the game of charades, except you hold up a phone or tablet on your forehead while making guesses from clues dished out by family and friends. The best part is, you can play this game anywhere, even outdoors. Also, this game has a recordable video function – play it back and have a good laugh with your family and friends. Look out for the picture version – Heads Up! Kids – for the younger ones.


Another great app for game night is Psych!, which is all about making out the real answers from the fakes based on trivia questions. Also from the creators of Heads Up!, this mobile multiplayer guessing game is about tricking your buddies into picking your fake answers to real trivia questions. There is a myriad of fun categories to pick from, ranging from movie plots to silly words.

Just Dance 2020

This is a dancing game that has been bringing together families and friends for over a decade now, and is a console game played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. Launched in November 2019 as the most up to date version, the full game lets you pick up to 40 songs, with the option of subscribing to Just Dance Unlimited that gives you access to over 500 songs. Top features include Co-Op, which lets you play together with friends, combining your scores to rule the dance floor; and Kids mode, dedicated to the little ones to join in the fun with new kid-friendly curated songs.


This is another fast-paced multiplayer game that is perfect for bringing together family members or your best buddies for a wholesome fun experience. Players take the roles of spaceship crew members who are in a race to ensure that the ship is functioning properly while staying on course in space to avoid wormholes and asteroids. To win, all spaceship malfunctions have to be corrected, which is where the fun and mayhem happens. The modus operandi: Everyone plays and shouts seemingly incoherent technobabble at the same time while trying to prevent the spaceship from falling apart. How fun is that?

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Launched in August as a mobile phone app, this game can be played anywhere with your posse and is perfect for those who crave an adrenalin rush. Picture this: You’re alone in a room with a bomb, but only your friends have information on how to defuse it. There’s a catch: Your friends are not able to see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out fast as time runs out. Rounds are tense and silly but always frantic. “Experts” who can’t see the bomb must decipher information in the Bomb Defusal Manual and give instructions to defuse the bomb to the single player trapped in the room with it. Players will need to talk it out and solve the problem before the bomb explodes!

Triple Agent!

Another fun party game centred on espionage and hidden identities that allows for impromptu gaming sessions anywhere. Using a single mobile device, this is a digital board game for five to nine players who take on the roles of agents and triple agents – spies who pretend to be double agents for one side but in reality work for opposing secret services. The task: Players need to figure out who is on their team. A mobile phone or tablet is passed around the players, who take turns to look at the screen that dispenses information about the other players. At the end of the game, everyone has to vote on who to imprison based on their guesses about true loyalties.


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