Eat Green, Eat Clean: 8 Salad Places That Leaf You Wanting More

Dispel your salad stereotypes with these great go-to meal options.

By Amanda Tan      22 March 2021
Photo: Stuff’d Instagram


The halal-certified and takeaway-only establishment serves up Mexican and Turkish-inspired delights such as juicy kebabs, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, as well as daily bowls. It’s the same process for each order: Choose your protein, base (usually vegetables), toppings (carbs as well as grains), sauces, and extra toppings (such as hummus or cheese).

Stuff’d is at multiple locations. Visit stuffed.com.sg.

Photo: Harvest Salad & Soup Facebook

Harvest Salad & Soup

When it comes to eating salads, the freshness of the ingredients is key, which is something the owners at Harvest Salad & Soup insist upon. Whether it’s the salad bowls, soups, or dressings, all its meals are made from scratch, which means no unhealthy preservatives. Another plus: its dressings, which are built on low- and non-fat yogurt, are guilt-free too.

Harvest Salad & Soup is located at Singapore Post Centre. Visit harvestsaladnsoup.com.


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