Eat Green, Eat Clean: 8 Salad Places That Leaf You Wanting More

Dispel your salad stereotypes with these great go-to meal options.

By Amanda Tan      22 March 2021

The salad is an oft-misunderstood dish. It is, more often than not, considered tasteless and boring, and usually comprises only vegetables and more vegetables.

However, don’t let these stereotypes stop you from discovering the true potential of the dish. A great salad mix, which includes (surprise) more than just vegetables, can sometimes make all the difference.

Here are some places where you can get them from.

Photo: SaladStop! Instagram


The first and largest healthy eating establishment in Asia, SaladStop! is a one-stop place for you to fulfil all your salad-related cravings.

Create your own bowl with a choice of more than 60 toppings and 20 homemade dressings, or choose from its mouthwatering menu of seasonal eats featuring Southeast Asian-inspired delights, its signatures (Tuna San, anyone?), and warm grains.

Should you feel peckish in the morning before heading into the office, SaladStop! offers breakfast options in the form of wraps, porridge, and egg pots.

SaladStop! is at multiple locations. Visit saladstop.com.sg.

Photo: The Daily Cut Facebook

The Daily Cut

Known for its customisable protein bowls at affordable prices, The Daily Cut offers uncomplicated healthy meals without leaving you wanting more.

Due to its conveniently-located branches, the establishment is, unsurprisingly, a favourite among office executives and gym-goers, with its fresh meats, a variety of vegetable options, wholesome grains, as well as supplements such as egg sous vide, avocado, parmesan or edamame. Even its dressings – from pesto vinaigrette to garlic & thyme olive oil – are out of the ordinary.

Clean eaters will also appreciate The Daily Cut’s convenient calorie calculator on its website that breaks down the protein, carb, and fat count of all their ingredients.

The Daily Cut is located at Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar. Visit thedailycut.sg.


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