Don’t Wait Or The Ice Will Melt: How This Singapore Bingsu Seller Started Her Business In Her 50s

Never too late to start pursuing your dreams, just like how this humble Bingsu shop owner did!

By Nur Sumayyah        4 October 2022

No matter how full you are, there’s always room for something sweet. Embrace the sugar rush and round up your meal with a savoury sweet snowy shaved ice dessert!

Whether you are in the mood for something icy cold or piping hot, 929 Desserts has you covered.

Previously located at a Coffee Shop, 929 Desserts has now landed at SAFRA Tampines and ready to fill you up with delectable Bingsu, waffles and ice-cream!

929 Desserts have you covered with a wide range of Bingsu flavours that are ready to wow you.

Not only do they serve Bingsu, but they also have piping hot waffles and a fine range of ice cream flavours to complement.

929 Desserts is helmed by a pair of sisters, Pauline and Adeline, and you can be sure they’ll make you feel welcome.

Behind the cute aesthetics of the café, lies the inspiring story of Pauline, who took the leap of faith to leave her old job in pursuit of her dream of warming people’s hearts with palatable and affordable desserts.

Running an F&B business is no easy feat.

Especially with the competitive food scene in Singapore, starting from the ground up requires pure grit and sheer determination.

And Pauline and Adeline have both displayed remarkable resilience since the start of their F&B food journey.

With no prior background in F&B or previous experience running a business, Pauline knew she had to make the necessary preparations before embarking on her new career.

As much as it would be great for the stars to align and everything to fall into place, this wasn’t the story for 929 Desserts.

It took Pauline a few years to save up sufficient funds and learn how to helm a food business from business owners around her before she took the leap of faith.

Pauline was relentless in her pursuit of culinary excellence and settled for nothing but the best in her dessert creations.

She spent endless hours learning how to make Bingsu from YouTube and experimenting with different flavours and toppings. She accepted all the feedback from family and friends graciously and strove to engineer her desserts to perfection.

Seeing how dedicated and devoted Pauline is to her dessert business, her sister, Adeline, decided to join her and assist her in operations, using the F&B experience she possessed.

With two heads in the game, Pauline and Adeline took the plunge and launched their business 2 years ago.

They set themselves apart from other Dessert businesses by selling Bingsu at a coffee shop and keeping their desserts affordable for average heartlanders.

929 Desserts have now expanded their operations and shifted to SAFRA Tampines with a cosy café to better serve their loyal customers.

929 Desserts is the perfect spot for you to take aesthetic Instagram photos and Tik Tok videos.

Spoilt Brat & Funky Town

Get lost in Funky Town with this colourful and intricately shaved Bingsu dessert that is guaranteed to melt your heart. Savour the sweet milky sheets topped with strawberry ice cream, syrup and fruity pebbles. It will definitely leave you quivering with delight and wanting more.

Want something richer? Then get yourself a Spoilt Brat for only $9. Every purchase gets you an annoyingly adorable chocolate dessert that will definitely brighten up your day.

For the month of October 2022, 929 Desserts is offering a special treat. Get yourself a large Bingsu or waffles with a classic ice cream for only $7! Bring your families and friends along and don’t miss this deal.

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