A Long Way

NSMAN goes fully digital in 2021.

By Edmund Wee      30 October 2020

But it is not just the closing of a chapter for the print version. The move to a digital publication will be a brand new start for SAFRA, as more of our local readers go online in tandem with the global consumption of information through digital platforms.

As NSMAN magazine goes fully digital, readers will be able to access SAFRA information and updates more readily from anywhere.

As a dynamic, multi-display, functional web magazine catering to the changing needs of the modern individual, the fully digital NSMAN will feature exclusive eNSman articles, video plug-ins and interviews, as well as updated promotions. With its easy-to-navigate lifestyle sections, the magazine will allow NSmen subscribers to have an enjoyable read regardless of their location and the type of mobile reader.

Notably, with the fully digital version of NSMAN, past and present articles and information are easily searchable. eNSman content is also actively delivered to SAFRA members through the eNewsletter format. Otherwise, NSman readers can get updates via shared articles on SAFRA’s Facebook. SAFRA volunteers and members will also be able to share and post eNSman articles on their social media network.

The move to the digital platform also means that subscribers to the eNSman newsletter will also receive exclusive promotions and giveaways! So stay tuned for more exciting deals coming to the eNSman newsletter subscribers.


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