A Long Way

NSMAN goes fully digital in 2021.

By Edmund Wee      30 October 2020

Since its inception 44 years ago, NSMAN magazine has come a long way. It started as a newsletter published by the SAF Reservists’ Association in 1974, featuring the latest happenings and events targeting SAF reservists. Two years later in 1976, the newsletter was renamed The Reservist and tweaked to a more aesthetically pleasing format with colour covers front and back.

By then, the content had already shifted: SAFRA wanted to cater to a growing pool of reservists compared with active servicemen, highlighting the shifting role of reservists in the SAF. The publication’s circulation had also increased from 1,000 to 50,000 to cater to more readers.

But it was not just the content that changed; the magazine’s aesthetics was given a refreshing boost in a creative and striking layout.

By 1994, The Reservist was rebranded NSMAN with the tagline “a lifestyle magazine for operationally ready National Servicemen”. Not only was it updated with a vibrant look, its content shifted to include a diverse range of topics ranging from feature stories to lifestyle articles. Notably, the SAFRA National Service Association was also renamed SAFRA, as well as a change of name from “reservist” to “operationally ready National Servicemen” or NSmen for short.

In 2019, NSMAN underwent its most recent revamp, taking on a clean and sleek look to the new tagline “build bonds, create memories” with every bimonthly issue. During the same year in April, eNSMAN was launched and went live.

(L-R) The inaugural issue in 1974, which was a full-fledged newsletter. NSMAN was rebranded with a fresh new look and tagline in 1994. NSMAN received its most recent revamp in 2019 with the Mar/Apr issue on sustainability.

Fully Digital

Come January 2021, NSMAN will go fully digital. Indeed for the past 44 years, the magazine has been constantly moving ahead to stay aligned to the ever-changing needs of NSmen, from changes in our NSman content produced to the applications that housed the PDF version of the magazine.


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