88.3JIA DJ Jia Ming On Fatherhood & Family

As affable as he is nurturing, this veteran radio personality loves both his job and his kids unquestionably.

By Sean Yee        12 April 2024

DJ Jia Ming’s (@883jiaming) life path has always embodied his youthful exuberance and zest for life. In his previous career as a flight attendant, he wanted to see the world, from glimpses of its natural wonders to the narratives of everyday people. But now, he faces a new path that is scary yet beautiful – fatherhood. A host, actor and radio personality at 88.3JIA, he now adds ‘father of three kids’ to his repertoire.

In addition to hosting早早心情好with co-hosts Ben and Shu Hui on weekdays from 6 to 10am, he dedicates himself to being a devoted dad to his three children, 8-year-old Keagan, 6-year-old Shane and 2-year-old Noelle, as well as loving husband to his wife, Sarah. 

We chat with him about his family, and how he navigates the many obstacles that come with fatherhood. 

Learning from his past

Some learn their best lessons from their fathers. However,  Jia Ming never had that luxury.

“My dad left me when I was 7 years old. I never knew what fatherhood was like, how it was meant to look or feel,” he confides. While he did not have a “manual” to follow, he knew that if he had kids, he would do his very best to be the father he never had. Thankfully, he isn’t doing this alone. His wife is always there, ready to support and encourage him. 

Introspection is a recurring theme in Jia Ming’s life. Often, he reflects on the decisions he has made, and his role as a father in an ever-evolving household. “Many times, I do feel like I didn’t do well in certain areas, like I could have been more patient. There is no such thing as the perfect father, but what’s important is that I constantly check myself, and not repeat the same mistakes”, he says.

With that said, he understands how new fathers out there can feel defeated at times. He says to all first-time fathers out there: Don’t give up! For Jia Ming, he believes in the strength of positive affirmations. “Be generous with words of encouragement”, he stresses.  

Starting 2024 with a bang!

Keagan (top left) and Shane (top right) are Noelle’s staunchest bodyguards and greatest supporters.

Jia Ming’s two adorable sons, Keagan and Shane were really excited to welcome a third member to their gang of mischief. “The brothers really love Noelle! They even ‘scolded’ me when I disciplined their little Mei Mei!”, he gleams. While the household has admittedly gotten more chaotic, this father of three is excited for a livelier 2024! 

In fact, Jia Ming and his wife have already planned a few overseas escapades for the family. With Perth, Shanghai, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and many more in the lineup, the Loh family has a lot of packing to do!

It isn’t all play and no work though. Keagan began primary school last year and it was nerve-wracking for this young father. “I teared up during his first day. Keagan is no longer the little baby I held in my arms. It’ll take some time adapting to new routines like after-school care and tutoring”, he admits. Beneath his animated disposition hides a disciplinarian who takes his kids’ academic performance seriously. He and his wife prepare test papers and assignments for his kids so that they are well-versed in their studies. Ultimately, he hopes that his kids can embody the spirit of excellence at home, and at school. 

Doing better, together

Personal goals carry a special significance when you make it a team effort. Jia Ming is an avid gym-goer and intrepid adventurer, and the apples do not fall far from the tree. Just last year, Jia Ming and his two sons participated in Cold Storage’s Kids Run, marking the second run that they have completed as a family. 

“The truth is, they wanted to join the run! I was discussing the run with my wife and Keagan and Shane overheard our conversation. They were so excited about the run because they wanted to get the medal!”, he shares.

To Jia Ming, staying active together as a family not only cultivates good habits and values, but also provides them the opportunity to create bonds and memories. And he doesn’t just say it; he leads by example. 

“I exercise every day apart from Sunday, which is my rest day. When my boys ask about my daily fitness routine, I would tell them that I want to be healthy and strong, just as I would love for them to be active as well”, he says. 

Similar to their dad, Keagan and Shane have at least three exercise sessions each week, from badminton and basketball sessions to swimming lessons. 

It is a relationship, not a dictatorship

“My kids often remind me of my promises to them”, Jia Ming shares, and is adamant that he fulfils every promise he makes to his kids.

However, parents are human too, and will have their bad days. As tempting as it is to push everyone away then, it is imperative that parents stay level-headed with their kids, according to Jia Ming. 

“Whether I like it or not, I’m a role model to them. And I intend to be a good one”, he says.  “I have to constantly remind myself that my kids emulate my own conduct, both the good and the bad.”

Speaking from the heart with your kids

Jia Ming knows that his kids are growing up, fast. Conversations are no longer one-way streets. “Now, they even talk back and reason with me! They are no longer sweet little babies!” he jokes, as he muses on being a good listener to his kids. 

They might even want to understand you better as well in return. “My kids often ask me about my job. When they hear ‘Radio DJ’, they would say, “Huh? What’s that?”, then I would tell them how I speak to many people every day in hopes of brightening their day”, he shares. 

While he does have a busy year awaiting him, Jia Ming does not intend to relent in his efforts to do his very best for his kids. When asked about how he would describe his journey so far, Jia Ming encapsulates it in three words – Never give up. 

You can tune in to Jia Ming’s radio show《早早心情好》at facebook.com/883jia

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