8 Tips For Stylish WFH Fashion

Look good working from home!

By Steve Thio      15 March 2021



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If you prefer to wear shirts and tailored tops, then short sleeved shirts are your best bet. Avoid stretchy tight shirts (comfort is key!) and choose lightweight boxy short sleeve cotton, viscose or linen styles.

Avoid shirts with floppy collars – camp or bowling shirts are just too casual – and stick to stand up collars or even Mandarin collar designs. As with your other tops, avoid garish hues and prints; simple repetitive patterns or plain coloured versions are best.

Pants Please


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Unless youre very, very certain you will be stuck to your laptop without getting up for a toilet break, always wear long pants for all your meetings. There have been enough embarrassing incidences of Zoom participants looking all dressed up on the top half,  then inadvertently exposingthemselves when they forgot they were in casual shorts or worse, underpants (!) when they got up to get a drink!

So always be on the safe side and slip on an easy and comfy pair of pants for all your meetings. Skip your stretchy skinny pants – opt for loose styles with elastic waistbands.

Try knit sweatpants (in simple designs, solid colours without patterns or prints), linen or cotton trousers or even 3/4 tailored versions. Match them with the fabrics of your tops – sweats work with long sleeved tees and knit jackets or cardigans, while tailored cotton or linen loose pants look good with similar shirts and tops. An ensemble of sweatpants with a tailored short sleeved shirt just looks sloppy and mismatched.

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