7 Ways To Start Volunteering

Get started on how to give back to society!

By Balvinder Sandhu      25 May 2018

Recycle Your Stuff

There’s no need to throw away old clothes or unwanted furniture – you can donate them to organisations that recycle them instead. Outfits such as the Red Cross and The Salvation Army sell items that are in too-good-to-discard condition at their thrift stores across Singapore. These include clothes, furniture, books, toys and other household items. You can also bring clothes that are too good to dispense with to any H&M store in Singapore. The company’s global garment collecting initiative promotes textile recycling so they don’t end up in landfills, thus reducing waste. In case you were wondering, it doesn’t matter what your clothes look like or what size they are, as the company either markets them as second-hand goods or they’re reprocessed as textile fibres or insulation materials.

Help Migrant Workers

Make a difference in the often invisible people of our lives by offering your time to Transient Workers Count Too (http://twc2.org.sg). You can provide office support, organise outings for workers, distribute flyers, or even accompany them to medical appointments. Volunteers are expected to remain committed for at least three consecutive months. Another organisation, the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (www.home.org.sg), is a charity that provides assistance to migrant workers, dealing with issues such as wage theft, work injuries, poor living conditions and abuse. You can donate money, unopened food/toiletries and household items for its shelter. If you wish to volunteer, you may assist with fundraising, organising activities and befriending workers. A commitment of at least six months is preferred.

Help Ex-offenders

The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA, www.saca.org.sg) provides welfare and rehabilitation services for discharged offenders and their families. Their Volunteer After-Care Programme involves befriending offenders/ex-offenders and their families, including visiting the “clients” (as they are referred to) before their release to build rapport and discuss post-release plans. Befrienders also work with a client’s family members to address issues that may potentially affect his or her return to society. Training will be provided to volunteers.


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