7 Ways To Start Volunteering

Get started on how to give back to society!

By Balvinder Sandhu      25 May 2018

There are many ways to offer a helping hand to those in need. While cash donations are often welcomed, a human touch can be priceless. One way is by volunteering with the Community Services Club at SAFRA, which would allow you to impact the lives of the less fortunate through various activities such as visits and outdoor excursions. By participating in SAFRA’s annual Swim for Hope each October, you can help raise awareness and funds for beneficiaries. At the same time, you promote the importance of an active lifestyle by swimming laps in the pool with friends and family. So if you’ve always wanted to help others but do not know how, here are more ways to get started.

Furry Care

It’s not just humans who need love and concern. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore (www.spca.org.sg) welcomes volunteers to help with anything from cleaning animal shelters to dog-walking. You can also walk or groom dogs with Action for Singapore Dogs (asdsingapore.com), or even learn how to foster one. Meanwhile, cat lovers can play with felines and keep their living spaces clean by volunteering with the Love Kuching Project (www.lovekuchingproject.org). If you’re interested in broader animal welfare issues, you can approach the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society – better known as ACRES (www.acres.org.sg) – to help with efforts such as fundraising or caring for animals brought in through their wildlife rescue missions.

Befriend the elderly

You can really make a difference in the lives of the elderly by interacting with them. Lions Befrienders (www.lionsbefrienders.org.sg) invites volunteers to conduct weekly home visits so that senior citizens will feel less lonely. However, you must be able to commit on a long-term basis, and be willing to put in the time and effort to interact. In appreciation of volunteers’ efforts, the organisation often holds gatherings for volunteers, and organises an annual awards and thank-you dinner.


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