6 Mooncake Deals For NSMen & SAFRA Members This Mid-Autumn Festival

Get together with your loved ones to indulge in these masterfully handcrafted traditional and snowskin mooncakes.

By Mandy Lim Beitler        15 August 2022

The annual Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is all about celebrating the spirit of togetherness on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. As we approach the full moon on September 10, take advantage of these mooncake deals while impressing your loved ones with indulgent gifts of masterfully handcrafted traditional and snowskin gems. Or relish them all by yourself!

1. Four Seasons Durians

Famed for its durian puffs, cakes and pastries, Four Seasons Durians is the go-to for durian mooncakes as well. There are two varieties to choose from, depending on which flavour profile you prefer. For a rich, sweet and creamy treat, pick the D24 Durian Snowskin Mooncake, where thin and chewy golden snowskin envelops 100 per cent pure D24 durian puree. A connoisseur of that familiar bittersweet aftertaste? Then go for the silver-hued Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake, filled with 100 per cent pure Mao Shan Wang durian puree. Can’t decide? The best of both worlds await!

To commemorate NS55, NSmen enjoy 1-for-1 on D24 Snowskin Mooncake (4 pieces) till August 19; more info at safra.sg/promotions/fourseasonsduriansinstores

SAFRA members also enjoy 50% off D24 or Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake (4 pieces) till September 4; more info at safra.sg/promotions/fourseasonsduriansonline

From $82 for 4 pieces; more info at fourseasonsdurians.com

2. Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre

Fans of traditional baked mooncakes will appreciate the Mooncake Medley from Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre. Each four-piece set is presented in an elegant handbag simulating leather-bound rattan webbing. There are five sets to choose from, each showcasing a different assortment of flavours. Making its debut is Cempedak, the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, with a tangy, fruity twist. Bestseller Black Sesame Paste makes a coveted return, alongside perennial favourites White Lotus Paste with Single or Double Yolk. The buttery White Lotus Macadamia Nuts and old-school Mixed Nuts complete the halal-certified collection.

SAFRA members enjoy 15% off all sets till 10 September; more info at safra.sg/promotions/holiday-inn-singapore-orchard-city-centre

$68 for 4 pieces; more info at singaporeorchard.holidayinn.com

3. Goodwood Park Hotel

Besides returning crowd favourites from Mango with Pomelo to Blue Pea Flower with White Lotus Seed Paste, novel snowskin delights to look forward to at Goodwood Park Hotel include locally inspired Ondeh Ondeh and refreshing Strawberry. For loyal subjects of the king of fruit, the new Durian Combo featuring D24, D88, Mao Shan Wang, and Black Thorn is a must. The quintessential baked classics are also joined by new festive baked pastries, such as Traditional Wife Cake, Husband Cake and Teochew Cake. Even the kids are covered, with the nostalgic Piglet Biscuit and adorable Tiger Tubbies, exclusive to this Year of the Tiger!

SAFRA members enjoy 20% off online orders till September 10; more info at safra.sg/promotions/the-deli-mooncake

From $48 for 2 pieces; more info at goodwoodparkhotel.com

4. Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Making its debut in the traditional baked collection from Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s Cherry Garden is Chestnut with Taro Coconut, which pairs a warm, roasted aroma with a smooth finish. Tea lovers will also appreciate the new Hongyu Black Tea Lotus with Pomelo, Citrus Peel and Pumpkin Seed, a harmonious marriage of fruity essence and the fragrant Taiwanese brew. Joining signature flavours such as Lychee Martini in the eight-piece Assortment of Mini Snowskin Mooncakes are a trio of newbies, Black Sesame with Roasted Walnut, Lemon Genmaicha and Tangerine with Melon Seed.

SAFRA members enjoy 35% off online orders till September 10; more info at www.safra.sg/promotions/mandarin-oriental-sg

From $50 for 2 pieces; more info at singapore.mandarinorientalshop.com

5. Yàn

Refined Cantonese restaurant Yàn marks the annual celebration with five signature baked mooncakes and a snowskin creation. Presented in eco-friendly recyclable paper boxes illustrated with vibrant oriental artwork, timeless favourites include Baked White Lotus with Single or Double Yolk, and Baked White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts. A popular mainstay at Yàn is the Thousand Layer Yam Mooncake, featuring smooth yam paste encased in swirls of flaky pastry crust, with or without a single yolk. Last but not least, the ever-popular Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake. Complement the festive treats with the new Melon Oolong and Cassia Black tea blends.

SAFRA members enjoy 25% off pre-orders till September 10; more info at safra.sg/promotions/yan-mooncakes

From $36 for 2 pieces; more info at yan-restaurant.myshopify.com

6. Cat & the Fiddle

Singapore’s pioneering cheesecake shop Cat & the Fiddle presents its very first mooncake collection this Mid-Autumn Festival. The Meowsketeer Trio is a nod to Singapore’s best-loved local beverages – Kopi Gao, Teh Peng and Bandung. Each boasts a thin, delicate snowskin exterior with fillings made with aromatic local coffee, robust black tea and rose-scented lotus paste, respectively. Inside, white chocolate truffle centres are filled with the brand’s speciality cream cheese, with dark chocolate for Kopi Gao and condensed milk white chocolate for the others. Durian lovers will enjoy Meowsketeer Towkay, which packs rich Mao Shan Wang durian in charcoal snow skin.

To commemorate NS55, NSmen enjoy 20% off ‘Naughty & Nice’ and ‘Once In The Blue Moon’ whole cakes, while SAFRA members also enjoy 50% off ‘Sicilian Wild Cats’ whole cake till August 31; more info at safra.sg/promotions/CTF-JulAug22

From $68.90 for 6 pieces; more info at catandthefiddle.com

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