6 Fitness-Forward Games Sure To Get You Moving & Sweating!

The wonders gamification can do when combined with a good workout. 

By Sean Yee        22 March 2024

There is no question that exercise is imperative to anyone’s physical wellness. But let’s admit it – describing it as fun is really a stretch. Not any more! With the capabilities of contemporary technology, gamification has introduced a rich mix of games incorporating workout moves that have transformed a game into a multi-sensory adventure. Not only are your muscles fully engaged, but your appetite for a narratively stirring escapade can finally be satisfied as well. So much more can be achieved today from a single gaming session! 

To help get you started, here are six revolutionary fitness-inspired games to get your heart and brain pumping. 

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Console: VR headset and a PC (using Steam VR) or Playstation VR

The enigmatic land of Tamriel is once again beset by wayward bandits, rogue mages, rampaging undead and relentless dragons. You, and other brave adventurers are called upon by its denizens to battle unimaginable foes in the most unprecedented of times. 

With the advent of VR technology, Skyrim’s vast realm is brought closer to you with a first-person perspective. It is not an understatement that you can finally conjure fireballs right before your very eyes, or witness the wrath of Skyrim’s many giants as you feel the weight of their colossal clubs. 

And like a true adventurer, your physical aptitude and resilience will be tested. You no longer dictate your every movement with a keyboard and a mouse, but instead, rely on your stamina and strength. With every swing of your sword, every spell cast and every herb plucked, your virtual interactions are decided by real movements and real actions. Not only will you get the virtual experience of your life, but you’ll also can get more active in the process. As a bonus, you can finally “slay” a dragon with your very own hands! 

Sure, it isn’t exactly high-intensity interval training (HIIT), but this will be a great alternative for gamers looking to incorporate fitness into their online journey. 

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2. Just Dance 2023

Console: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X/S

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life! 

ABBA said it best. What’s life without a bit of sways and twirls?

Just Dance 2023 enlivens your living space with over 40 of 2023’s most hyped and electric hits, accompanied with 3D rendered worlds to further amp up the momentum. From love-pop songs like Loved Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars to sensational K-pop tunes like WANNABE by ITZY, you are spoiled for choice on how you would like to move on your living room slash dance floor! 

It also introduces an Online Multiplayer mode where you can host private virtual dance lobbies for your friends. Think of it as a Zumba session, but with way more thrills and sweat!

3. Ring Fit Adventure

Console: Nintendo Switch 

Finally, a fitness game that incorporates core exercises with modern interactivity. Alongside a novel Ring-Con and a leg strap, this action-packed multi-sport realm will see you jog, sprint and lunge past obstacles and minigames to meet face-on with the ultimate foe – a bodybuilding dragon (who says dragons can’t lift?) 

Want to engage your abdominal muscles? Squeeze away in Thigh Rider as you navigate a robotic scooter, or make a virtual pot in Squatter Wheel by performing various squat exercises. The game offers over 12 minigames, 20 beautiful worlds and 250 different levels, each of which can be personalised to your fitness goals. You can adjust the required strength level, targeted muscle groups, number of reps and more.

4. Fitforce

Console: Mobile phone and a PC (via Steam

If you want an interactive fitness experience without having to invest in additional gear, Fitforce may be your best bet.

Simply by connecting your smartphone to a PC, you can access an array of minigames that will have you punch, squat, run and jump past obstacles and perilous enemies. It also comes with an exercise tracker that details essential health statistics such as calories lost, muscle engagement and more. 

Best of all, it is fuss-free and free!

5. Zombie Run! 2

Console: Mobile phone 

Let’s face it – running isn’t exactly the most stimulating mental activity. 

That will soon change with the mobile app – Zombie Run! 2. Similar to a Dungeon Master, you are provided a narrative framework where you can roleplay as a survivor looking to circumvent the many perils awaiting you in a post-apocalyptic world besieged by zombies. During your run, you will hear audio clips instructing you to salvage goods like ammunition and medical supplies to better fortify your hideout. Be warned – you will occasionally (or frequently, depending on your level) encounter hordes of zombies that you must evade. And they are fast. 

This attempt at fitness gamification perfectly fuses sprint and stamina training with a string of riveting missions, transforming your daily run into an unpredictable yet fun journey. 

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6. Beat Saber

Console: VR headset and a PC (using Steam VR) or Playstation VR

Perhaps you aren’t much of a dancer and more of a samurai warrior? Or even a jedi master?

Well, you’re in luck. Beat Saber has managed to beautifully bring together the thrill of swinging a sword in time with an electrifyingly beat-heavy song. Augmented with the visceral wonders of virtual reality, this musical arena equips you with two illuminated “sabers” to slash and hack away at incoming tempo blocks that perfectly sync with your chosen track. 

Featuring the music of international rockstars such as the likes of Panic! At the Disco, The Weeknd, Blackpink and Linkin Park, it has an extensive playlist for you to slash away all day, and all night! 

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