5 Webinars To Help You Upgrade Your Career Skills

Learn from five experts how to bounce back from career setbacks by improving your skill sets.

By Sean Tan        1 December 2020

On the top of everyone’s mind during this COVID-19 pandemic is especially the concern over one’s own career stability and the future it holds. In addition to the support which the government has given to level up the job prospects of Singaporeans, there are also many upskilling support means which are available to all. This is all part of the Economic Defence pillar which is about strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of Singapore’s economy so that we are special and relevant to the world, and to keep it strong and resilient to overcome any challenge or crisis.

To support Economic Defence, and as part of the Be@SAFRA Total Defence-themed activities that are held in December, SAFRA has organised webinars to help you put Economic Defence into action while learning ways to improve your own skill sets. Called the Executive Learning Series Webinars, this series of talks will be conducted by professionals and experts in each of their respective fields. Come take part and walk away with some valuable tips to transform your own career.

Shifting Your Business Online

by Jeremy Tan

When: Sat, 5 Dec, 10.00 am – 10.45 am

Jeremy Tan Be@SAFRA

With more and more businesses exploring online options during the COVID-19 pandemic times, digital transformation seems to be inevitable in the near future. If you wonder whether you should bring your business online, come be inspired by Jeremy Tan who will share his passion and experience through his various businesses and what drives him to succeed. Plus, gain key keen insights with Jeremy’s years of experience in the creative industry, and take away tips for sustaining revenue amidst the crisis by pivoting on your company’s brand strength, to rebrand and re-strategise your next steps.

Sustainable Lifestyle To Ride Through Economic Uncertainty

by Walter Tay

When: Sat, 5 Dec, 11.15 am – 12.15 pm

Walter Tay Be@SAFRA

How do you turn around a dying trade and keep culture and tradition alive by transforming it into a profitable venture? Come learn from this young entrepreneur. Taking up the career as one of the most humblest trade as a hawker, Walter Tay dared to dream big and is determined to preserve Singapore’s food culture and bring it to the next generation. He will be sharing his experience on the balance between profit and passion so that aspiring entrepreneurs understand one’s priorities to have a sustainable lifestyle, plus ways one can reflect honestly and find peace in what they are doing through their own personal vulnerabilities and failures. Perhaps you too might be inspired to become a “hawkerpreneur” and forge a new career path after listening to him.

SkillsFuture Advice Webinar

by Prakasham S/O Thangaveloo

When: Sat, 5 Dec, 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Prakasham Be@SAFRA

Ever wondered what you should do with the SkillsFuture entitlement you are given? This webinar will guide you through the options available, and how you can go about to take charge of your skills upgrading and career development. Learn from Training Consultant Prakasham, who has more than 7 years of experience in the training and education consultancy industry both locally and overseas, what to look out for as you embark on your journey of skills and career development. In addition, be exposed to first-hand knowledge of the latest global and local trending skills in the workforce and be empowered with the resources and tools to navigate our skills-based industry, plus understand how you can make use of your additional SkillsFuture Credit top-up.

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Adapting To The New Normal

by Daniel Chia

When: Sat, 5 Dec, 7.30pm – 7.55pm

Daniel Chia Be@SAFRA

These are truly one of the most challenging times for local musicians who rely on local gigs for their living, as most performances and concerts are being cancelled. Learn how Daniel Chia, the soulful, funky, and energetic saxophonist who serves up his signature brand of Disco Jazz as the hottest fresh act on the scene, overcame the situation by creating more online content as well as finding new ways to reach out to audiences. During this webinar, Daniel will share what are the alternative ways he took to reach out to his audiences, how he rediscovered his passion by creating different types of music pieces, and the ways an individual can diversity their own business.

Managing Your Personal Finances And The Importance Of Budget Management

by Eugene Seah

When: Sat, 12 Dec, 10am – 11am

Eugene Seah Be@SAFRA

Money is an extremely powerful tool. Those who learn to manage it well are empowered to achieve their life goals sooner rather than later, while those who don’t end up with financial struggles and regrets. In this talk, Eugene Seah, a financial consultant who helps companies and individuals to achieve abundance in mindset, mastery and money, will cover three powerful steps to manage your money so that you can pursue your dreams. Eugene was a high-flying corporate executive, earning a 5-figure monthly salary until late 2013, when he was retrenched. This changed his mindset, leading him on a brand new journey of coaching and financial consulting.

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