5 Key Skills To Set Your Kids Up for Success

From coding to entrepreneurship skills, these courses will give your child an edge in the world of tomorrow.

By Annie Tan        21 April 2022

We all know that it takes more than academic accomplishments to succeed in the future. As Singapore moves away from rote learning, an all-rounded education offers real-world context and injects an element of fun into learning. Exposing your kids to different areas of interest also helps them develop their talents and find their true calling in life. So why not give the tiresome tuition classes a rest and unlock a world of possibilities with these fun courses?

1. Well-rounded Active Learning Education

That said, it is hard for children to fully understand their interests and aspirations from a young age, so it is important to help them develop holistically. NurtureStars Preschool guides your children’s very first steps and supports them in mastering early literacy skills, drama and presentation skills and musical skills, as well as gross motor skills in their quality physical education programmes.

Ms Hannah Lua, Principal of NurtureStars @ SAFRA Tampines, shares that their methodology uses an experiential or hands-on approach. “We develop the children’s confidence by respecting their voices and encouraging them to ask questions. To do this, we provide opportunities for children to present their ideas and share their thoughts, for example, through presentations whereby they can develop their public speaking skills, speech and drama enrichment to build the children’s self-expression skills, and JACPA programmes (Japanese physical education programmes for pre-schoolers) guided by native Japanese instructors, which instil a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.”

NurtureStars Preschool is located at all SAFRA clubhouses in Jurong, Punggol, Mount Faber, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun. For more info, go to www.safra.sg/lifestyle/nurturestars-preschool

2. Public Speaking

On a personal and professional level, strong communication skills are truly invaluable. They enable us to form important connections, present ideas, influence others and take a leadership role. However, public speaking is a very common phobia, believed to affect up to 75 per cent of the population. Public speaking courses support our children in overcoming this fear from an early age, so that they grow into persuasive, entertaining and engaging communicators. The Public Speaking Academy has programmes designed by a World Champion of Public Speaking to help children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 18 overcome their stage anxiety, step into the spotlight and develop their confidence and charisma.

For more info on Public Speaking Academy at SAFRA Tampines, go to www.safra.sg/lifestyle/public-speaking-academy

3. Learn to Code

Software and technology is not only the fastest growing industry; it is literally reshaping every industry and aspect of our lives as we know it. Coding classes prep children for this future world so that languages like HTML, Java and Python become second nature to them. Indeed, even pre-schoolers can start learning to code at centres such as the Coding Lab. Set up by an MIT Master’s alumnus who worked at Silicon Valley, this centre offers coding camps and weekly classes such as the Junior Coders programme that teaches kids as young as five to programme an animation and direct a robot to retrieve treasure. Tweens and teenagers will learn cool skills like how to create apps, wield the power of artificial intelligence and navigate the digital world with more confidence.

4. Financial Literacy

Gone are the days when a child’s financial education starts and stops with a piggy bank. Financial literacy is a vital skill with lifelong repercussions that will help our children avoid debt, discover financial freedom and achieve many of their life goals. Star Horizon’s workshops for children teaches them the value of money, savings and budgeting via storytelling, skits, games and activities; and its Teen Syllabus covers cash-debt management, investment instruments and risk management via scenario-based learning, case studies and games. To better guide your child in their journey, you could also sign up for the Institute for Financial Literacy’s MoneySense For Your Child three-hour workshop, which covers key financial topics for parents of pre-schoolers, as well as primary school and secondary school children respectively.

5. Entrepreneurship 101

As digitalisation breaks down barriers, more teen and child entrepreneurs are emerging each year, some of whom are not only earning their own keep, but out-earning their parents. Entrepreneurship programmes such as those by Kidspreneurship teach our young to recognise and seize such opportunities, take calculated risks, innovate and unlock a world of opportunities in our gig economy. These workshops and camps designed for kids aged seven and above not only encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, but also boost problem-solving skills to help your child develop his or her full potential.

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