4 Getaways To Rejuvenate You

Tired from exploring? Here are vacations to relax and unwind.

By Balvinder Sandhu      4 March 2019

Stay At A Kelong

One way to clear your mind and reclaim your energy is to unplug from technology. While it has added convenience and fun to our lives, going “off the grid” is likely to help refresh you. Why not heed the call of the sea? You can book an entire kelong at MoonBay Kelong in Batam and share this experience with friends and family (a minimum booking of six is needed). Also nearby is the Labun Island Kelong, located on a private island and ideal for those who love to go snorkelling, diving, kayaking or fishing. Another option is the Blue Mountain Kelong, which is near to forest and beach adventure trails, and nearby fish and vegetable farms. You can indulge in water sports or just simply relax by the water or under the stars.


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