3 Ways To Develop Yourself While Working From Home

Are you making full use of the opportunity to move up the career ladder?

By Workforce Singapore        28 June 2021

With the current pandemic, many of us now find ourselves working from home for long periods as part of the #NewNormal. While this may have caused a drastic change to our previous routines, it has also opened up new doors to opportunities – thanks to many things going virtual.

Like many of us who have had to make use of the online space, many course providers too have jumped on this bandwagon, allowing the public to access a multitude of free online courses. As such, having to #WFH has also become a good time for us to upgrade our skills or learn something new.

So here lies the question: Are you taking the advantage of the times to let your abilities shine?

Clear Your Mind

Working from home has removed the need to commute from home to the office and oftentimes, that may have also impacted our exercise routines. Yet, it’s important to take time out to exercise because it contributes to both your physical and mental wellness. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain, which lowers your stress levels and allows you to be more alert and more productive.

If exercise isn’t what you enjoy, find something that helps you relax – whether it’s meditating or getting busy in the kitchen. If picking up new skills is what you’re after, there are many free courses you can take up. It’ll also spruce up your resume to future-proof your career.

No matter what you choose to do, remember: your goal is to take the time to let go of what’s been weighing you down.

Get Creative

Creativity helps us grow personally and professionally. It also helps to relieve stress, allow freedom of expression, as well as solve problems we may be facing. While you’re staying home, take up a new activity or rehash an old creative habit that makes you happy. These could include reading, playing an instrument, painting or learning a new language.

What’s more, according to an article by Scientific American, creativity could result in a longer life. To thrive during the tough times, getting your artistic juices flowing could decrease your negative feelings, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Plan Out What You Want In Your Career

With a clearer mind and more positive outlook, you’re able to take the bigger step to plan your career. Take the time to identify possible gaps in your skills and take on free courses to upgrade yourself. Find online networks to meet like-minded PMETs to learn and share from experiences. You can also register your interest to receive more personalised career guidance, where you can discover your strengths and interests to help you realise your goals.

How well we adapt to working from home – and the discipline to remain productive – depends largely on our personalities. Figure out a system that best supports your health and happiness, so you can make the best out of this current position we’re in.

And who knows? You may come out of this stronger and more prepared for the future.

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