11.11 Singles’ Day Deals For Your Home’s Tech Needs   

You are technically never single when you have technology to accompany you. 

By Sean Yee        10 November 2022

Shoppers rejoice! The much-awaited Singles’ Day (11.11) is approaching and with it comes an abundance of delicious discounts to snag. 

Given that the shopping occasion precedes both Christmas and the New Year, it is the perfect time to turn your home into a smart one. As they say – in with the new, out with the old! 

And to get you started, we have rounded up some SAFRA-exclusive 11.11 deals to let you grab some of the latest advancements in tech without breaking the bank!


The contemporary all-in-one haven for everything and anything, Amazon has one of the world’s most exhaustive catalogues. Carrying an array of reputable international brands with the likes of Philips, Toshiba and Samsung, Amazon is the perfect virtual retailer for your home furnishing needs. Choose from products that boast some of our era’s most revolutionary technological capabilities – imagine digital locks, automated blinds, water purifiers and AI home systems, all at your disposal from the comfort of your soon-to-be smart home. Time to put away the old and install the new! 

SAFRA members enjoy up to $10 off a minimum $20 minimum spend (capped at $10); more info at safra.sg/promotions/amazon


An established brand in the smart appliance space, Mayer has long been recognised as a leading purveyor of quality and durable kitchen and home devices. Now’s the time to upgrade your kitchen utilities with sophisticated alternatives that are multi-functional and elegant. We recommend that you consider its power blenders, built in ovens and rechargeable USB food chopper – devices integral in the fulfilment of your gourmet kitchen vision. 

SAFRA members enjoy 10% off regular-priced items at all Mayer showrooms and virtual stores; more info at safra.sg/promotions/mayer


Interconnectivity and virtual functionalities have revolutionised how we engage and interact at home. Tech website Metapod consolidates some of the world’s most popular and latest gadgets in a single access point, allowing homeowners to enliven their abode with high-tech recreational accessories. It carries recreational gaming consoles such as Nintendo’s Switch Console, VR headsets including Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, JBL’s Pulse 4 Waterproof Speaker and karaoke systems like Popsical’s Remix 2 Karaoke, so do check them out! 

SAFRA members enjoy 10% off selected product categories; more info at safra.sg/promotions/metapod


Many know Giant supermarket to be one of Singapore’s biggest players in the grocery space. However, you may be surprised to know that Giant also has sections dedicated to household appliances that are incredibly budget-friendly and intuitive. From vacuum sticks to air fryers and many more, you can find almost every electronic necessity in Giant hyperstores, with entire aisles dedicated to this category.  

SAFRA members get 8% off $50 DFI Retail Group digital vouchers; more info at safra.sg/promotions/DFI


Treat yourself with a new gaming monitor that immerses you in the massive open worlds typical in modern video games, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny of a fantasy realm unencumbered. With novel ultra-wide gaming monitors, each accentuated by mind-blowing refresh rates and crisp displays, Philips exceeds the graphical demands of contemporary video games with top-of-the-line display screens. Not to mention prices that are incredibly budget-friendly!

SAFRA members enjoy 5% off all Philips monitors (with no minimum spend) with the promotional code “SGPHSAFRA”; more info at safra.sg/promotions/philips-sg


Voted as the world’s top gaming monitor distributor for three consecutive years (2019 to 2021), the relatively new AOC has since partnered with legendary e-sport affiliates such as Red Bull, GeForce and G2 to establish itself as a rising star in the industry. 

Expect to find gaming monitors capable of producing 240 frames per second – the perfect refresh rate for systems with top-notch GPUs. If you’re a connoisseur of fast-paced battle arenas (think Valorant, League of Legends and Modern Warfare 2),  you can definitely appreciate a monitor that is highly responsive to in-game data processing and motion clarity. No more will you shout, “I lagged!”. 

SAFRA members enjoy 5% off AOC gaming monitors (24 inches and above) with no minimum spend; more info at safra.sg/promotions/aoc-monitors

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