What These 9 Lunar New Year Flowers Symbolise

Choose these beautiful blooms for health, wealth, luck and love.

By Steve Thio      9 February 2021


Orchid lovers will be delighted to know that their fave bloom represents good luck in Love, Fertility,  Nobility, Wealth and Good Fortune. It also symbolises Beauty and Good Taste.


Pricey and relatively rare, these flowers are also commonly known as daffodils. They have to be imported from cooler climes although they bloom well in warmer temperatures for a short time. You can select the all-yellow blooms or the delicate white ones with gorgeous golden centres as the gold hue represents Wealth. Known as sacred lilies in Chinese culture, symbolising Good Fortune and Prosperity, these blooms have a lovely scent as well, so they are perfect to have in the house.


Available in a wide variety of gorgeous colours, these flowers are now quite commonly seen in most homes for Lunar New Year. Sold in bunches, gladiolus symbolise rising Career Progression as the flowers grow upwards from the base of the stems. For CNY, the red gladiolus blooms are the most popular for their auspicious colour.

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