Staying safe at EnergyOne

You will probably never notice these ways EnergyOne defends you.

By Kelvin Low      21 July 2020

Shields Between Cardio Equipment

Currently on trial at SAFRA Punggol EnergyOne gym, shields are an additional safety barrier to minimise the dispersion of respiratory droplets while gym users engage in high intensity workouts. These shields are applied with the SDPro self-disinfecting coating and cleaned frequently.

Streaming Fitness Programmes

Members can tune in to a wider range of online fitness programmes on the EnergyOne Facebook page. There are livestream training sessions ranging from strength to interval training workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are be conducted by EnergyOne fitness instructors for everyone to squeeze in some exercise during lunchtime.

Extended membership

Affected EnergyOne Gym members will have their gym and IG membership validity periods automatically extended by a duration equivalent to mandated facility closures.

What You Can Do

You should consistently visit your preferred gym during this period to minimise the possibility of transmission across multiple gyms. You must wear a mask at all times, except when engaging in strenuous exercise, such as using the cardio machines.

Last but not least, one should not socialise and should minimise communication while in the gym.

For more information on SAFRA EnergyOne Gyms and their offerings, visit www.safra.sg/E1.

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