Upskill, Upgrade And Level Up Your Career Future

Here’s your chance to upskill yourself, hear what our SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme awardees have to say about this sponsorship.

By Sean Tan      25 February 2021

What are you currently doing or working as?

I am currently undertaking external courses to prepare and improve myself for my career switch.

How has being an Award recipient of the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme sponsorship made a difference to you and your career prospects?

The award reduces my financial strain and allows me to focus and build my confidence by taking up additional external courses; instead of stepping into a new industry full of uncertainty.

How has this sponsorship provided you the opportunity to return to school to re-learn and skill-up?

The SAFRA’s Bond-Free Education Scheme has provided me with an opportunity to re-skill and skill-up myself to learn all relevant skillsets before entering a new industry.

How have you been able to strike a work-life balance and career switch?

Given my flexible working hours, the award provided me more room to focus on improving and enhancing relevant skillsets.

What advice do you have for SAFRA members who are thinking of furthering their studies?

I would definitely advise SAFRA members to seize every available opportunity! It is never too late to learn or enhance yourself; if you have the grit and determination, nothing can stop you.

Has your experience with the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme encourage you to check out other benefits SAFRA has for its members? If so, share with us how!

SAFRA has made me more conscious about their benefits since there are plenty of member perks and promotions around.

What are some of the other benefits that you have enjoyed as a SAFRA member?

As an avid amateur bowler staying near a SAFRA club, their membership price is an absolute steal for me.

Visit www.safra.sg/promotions/bond-free-education-scheme for more information on the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme.


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