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Running short on space? Have no fear, help is here.

By Raisin Mah      9 March 2018

A common refrain among most mobile phone users these days is the constant battle to reclaim all that space. Despite mobile devices being equipped with around 64GB of on-board memory, the increase in quality for digital imaging means storage space is running out faster than ever. Don’t get caught running out of storage while you’re on a holiday or at an event. Here are some portable storage solutions to help save all that precious media.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive 64GB (Above)


What the Wireless Media Drive lacks in space, compared to similar devices, it makes up for in size. Measuring in at only 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.35cm, this minute portable drive allows anyone to fit it into his pants pocket. In addition to the on-board SD card reader, users will also be able to upload files using a web interface or via a mobile app direct from their phone – perfect for anyone constantly on the go!

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro (4TB)


While it might be easy for camera manufacturers to jostle into the portable storage sector, Western Digital has its own top-of-the-line solution to compete with them. The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is a svelte 4TB device that not only has an SD card reader but also allows users to stream media files directly from the unit itself to the laptop or mobile phone via Wi-Fi. It’s also a more than able companion to handle all the video you want to shoot.

Canon Connect Station CS100


It’s no surprise that digital imaging giant Canon has the perfect device for road warriors. Packing a 1TB hard disk drive, the CS100 provides abundant space for you to upload on the go, say via the inbuilt SD card. But that’s only one mode of connection. This hub makes wireless transfer of your photos and videos easy and convenient with built-in NFC, so that images are transferred from camera to station with just a tap. USB connections and CF card slots are also available.

Google Photos

Android, iOS

With most digital cameras packing a companion app to transfer photos onto your mobile phone, perhaps the only real “device” you would need to manage those mountains of images is in the cloud. With Google Photos, all your photos are nicely arranged based on date and time. Plus if you have GPS tagged to the photos, you’d be able to search for that particular holiday moment in Berlin years ago simply by typing in the location.


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