Parents Know Best

NSMAN spends time with a family to find out what they do to make the best of the SAFRA experience.

By Kerry Yip      30 October 2020

What about you, Sia Hwa?

Mine would be the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon. I took part in the 21km run and tell Pamela that as long as you are “mind calibrated” or mentally strong, there is no distance too far. I weighed about 100kg back then, and was simply happy with grinding out the distance with my family. My wife saw the words “Old soldiers run marathons too” on a man’s tee shirt along her route and I am proud to say that the race was for both old and young soldiers – a reminder of our NS spirit.

Clement is in the FINS Junior Water Polo programme. Pamela, how has FINS helped him achieve his sporting dreams?

[Chuckles] This might sound farfetched, but I enrolled him after reading NSMAN. At that point, I had absolutely no idea such a programme existed, and finding out about it from the magazine and doing so was one of the best decisions I have made for him.

I just wanted Clement to learn something new and did not set expectations. However, FINS surfaced a latent talent in him. All it took was a year of training with FINS and Pacer Water Polo Academy for him to be sufficiently confident of applying to be in the water polo team to his school of choice, St Andrew’s Secondary School.

The Direct School Admission trials were competitive and the experience was nerve-racking. It was really a moment of joy for all when we received the offer letter of admission.

Clement’s happy and confident despite the many hours he puts in. If your child is contented and you’re not pushing him, you know you have done right. No matter what your child’s talent may be, it’s important to ensure that he’s living his dream – not yours. As parents, we can only help to nurture his strengths. The child must take ownership or it will turn into a negative experience.

We’re excited for Clement! By the way, NSMAN will be going digital in January 2021. What do you think about that, Robin?

NSMAN going digital is timely. In the age of smartphones, readers will be drawn towards easily accessible content. I believe this convenience will help increase viewership while enhancing its positive influence. The digital edition will allow easy sharing of community news as well as significantly reduce our carbon footprint. I’m sure this shift will enable sustainability in the long run, both socially and environmentally. We look forward to reading more articles. Thanks for having us.


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