Men of SAFRA: LTC (NS) Andy Tan BBM

LTC (NS) Andy Tan, who helms various SAFRA committees, believes that volunteering can expand your horizons.

By Edmund Wee      5 May 2020

As Chairman of the Choa Chu Kang Development Committee/ Corporate Branding Committee, LTC (NS) Andy Tan BBM, believes that volunteering not only has the gift of perspective but also helps one to overcome challenges. We chat with him to find out more.

Share with us what you are currently doing.

I’m the Chair of the CCK Development Committee and we oversee the conceptualisation and development of Safra’s seventh club. Also, as Chair of the Corporate Branding Committee, I oversee SAFRA’s brand management and to implement strategies/plans to achieve desired brand equity and relationship with our members and NSmen. I’m also the founder and executive creative director of local creative agency The Thinc Group.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced being part of Men of SAFRA?

SAFRA is constantly evolving to meet the needs of NSmen, and we have to evolve too. We are essentially the bridge between SAFRA and our fellow NSmen. It’s important to be the NSmen’s voice to SAFRA and, conversely, SAFRA’s voice to NSmen. This can be a delicate balancing act. So, fundamentally, our values need to align. In a way, we act as this guardian of the values.

Tell us why volunteering/at SAFRA is important?

It’s important for me to learn and improve myself, to be more self-aware of my strengths as well as weaknesses. Running a small business can only expose me to a narrow, limited view of what life is all about. Volunteering opens my heart and my mind to help me see larger aspects of the world we’re in. It gives me more perspectives to life and helps me see the larger challenges in place.

Volunteering is also important to the community, by doing something tangible for the community and playing my small part for the country I call home. There are many people with great ideas, visions and suggestions out there. And when you volunteer and really go out and actively do something, you take the first tangible steps to turn those visions into reality, to try and make things a little better.

How do you juggle your career and personal life.

My philosophy in time and life management is a little different from the usual work-life balance mantra telling us to “draw a proportionate line between work, home and leisure, and so forth”, so that we can balance it all. If you try to draw a line to balance all your commitments, you immediately create an invisible tension right at the start. Cross any lines and you’ll become stressed out instantly.


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