Love Up And Clean Up Your Underappreciated Home Furnishings, Equipment And Lifestyle Accessories

Staying home more nowadays? Then it’s the best time to show a little TLC to these hardworking members in your household.

By Chris Ong      27 May 2021

With the dining-out restrictions and WFH default mode, some of us might feel a little bored staying in. Don’t just twiddle your thumbs, nap like a cat or get stuck going down the online rabbit hole; the hours you have on hand right now are good for taking greater care of your life, your nest and your fam. Take a closer look at the equipment, furnishings and even lifestyle gadgets and accessories that you use on a daily basis and yet hardly bother with, the ones you overlook when performing your daily chores or when embarking on your massive once-a-year spring clean. No idea what they might be? Then take a read down this list –  you just need to spend a little time with each one (between Zoom meetings even), to get them cleaned up, sanitised and in working order, and to get you and your loved ones, feeling more productive and safe.

Sanitising phone
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Sanitise Your Mobile Phone, Phablet And/Or Tablet

They may not be household items, but are definitely one of your most used digital devices. So why would you place something that might have more germs than a toilet seat on your face everyday but not clean it? Like, eew. You don’t require some fancy cleaning gadget to do so; just use an anti-bacterial or alcohol wet wipe or a cleaning cloth dipped with some detergent or rubbing alcohol and water, and wipe down your communications device (front, back and also, its cover). It’s so easy, you can even do this during your Zoom meetings!

And Also Your Remote Controls & Control Holders

All your family members (and guests) touch them often, so remote controls may quite, unknowingly to most, be one of the most contaminated things in your home. Makes sense to clean them and the containers or holders that keep them in place, just like how you would do your mobile phone (see above). You might need to use cotton swabs or buds dipped with some rubbing alcohol and water to swipe through the spaces between the buttons and at the sides for a thorough swabbing. Also, you should remove the batteries from the controls before commencing – in fact, you can clean the battery compartment at the same time, too.

cleaning computer
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And Also Your Mouse, Keyboard… In Fact, Your Whole Laptop/Computer Set-Up

Do the same with these as you would with your remote controls and mobile phones. You can also choose to get mini dust vacuums or mini brushes to blow out the dust, dirt and food crumbs out of your keyboard, and use a wet wipe for wiping the screen. Why? Because these are the things you spend at least 8 hours (or more) with on a week day – cleanliness and hygiene are key to a better work space after all.

Brush Kiddos’ Furry Friends

Too lazy to “bath” your LO’s stuffed play pals in the washing machine? Simply use a lint roller or brush to remove all the dust bunnies, hair strands (that aren’t the plushie’s) and what-have-you that are stuck on them… till the next laundry time comes round for them to get properly “stuffed” into the washing cycle.

…Then Wash Your Hair Brushes And Combs

Use a little sudsy solution (warm and mixed with a little shampoo or soap) to clean them. Your hair and scalp will thank you for “de-gunking” the combs and brushes of the flakes, loose hair strands and hair product residue.

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Don’t Let The Pet Funk Stay

Your pet’s personal aroma getting too much in your face and all over the place? Deodorise stubborn stinks by sprinkling the softer, plushier places with some baking soda and letting it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming it up. No guarantee on how your doggo or mao-mao will feel about this though.

Recycle Candleholders

Don’t just throw out your spent scented candles; rinse the vessels out with steaming hot water and scoop out the wax residue with a paper towel. And ta-da! Good as new containers for storing your knick-knacks or snacks.

light bulbs
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Brighten Up Your Lightbulbs

Lighting fixtures are so bright and yet so inconspicuous – you don’t normally look at them or over them for dust all the time, do you? But, you should, because grime and dust can make them dimmer. Just use a dry microfibre cloth or a duster to gently wipe the bulbs once a week. Do make sure the power is off, don’t use cleaning spray on your bulbs (so as to avoid short circuiting them) and if you do use a wet cloth, ensure that the bulbs are dry before installing them back into the fixtures.

Blow Out The Modem & Router

By blowing out, we mean using a can of compressed air to clean out the vents of your modem and router. Just because these devices seem to work fine everyday, providing you your Internet-based business and pleasures, doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to dust, dirt and cobwebs. The last thing you want for your digital lifelines is for them to go bust – for extra assurance, use a cotton swab or bud to get at the harder-to-reach parts. Also, might as well tie up your messy cables while you are at it.

happy family
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For The Win, Get Home Insurance

You can clean ’em up, take care of ’em, but can you fully protect them? And, we are talking about all these furnishings, household equipment and lifestyle items, as well as your real-life, living family members. The ultimate safety net for when things go south (as they might happen in these uncertain times) is to apply for home insurance. Some of these insurance plans can help provide coverage for loss and damage to household fixtures, furniture and personal effects, and even utility bills following unforeseen events (such as – touch wood – retrenchment).

TIP: Unsure of what home insurance plan to look out for? SAFRA members can start by checking out the AIG Homes Complete Plan promotion here.

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