It’s Showtime!

Singapore’s finest aspiring artistes at SAFRA’s The Ultimate Talent 2019.

By Edmund Wee      21 May 2019

After the TUT finals, Hark Music conducted a Youth Development workshop for the youths, where young entertainment enthusiasts learnt various singing techniques, including breath control, voice balancing, projection and articulation, as well as other performing skills. Two more Youth Development workshops helmed by Ryan Tan and Clement Chow will be held in May 2019.

The judging panel at the finals comprised industry experts and members of the SAFRA Youth Network Committee.

Crowd favourite Shawn Yeap said he was thankful that SAFRA had such a platform for aspiring performers. “It was a great contest and I learnt a lot from the mentorship classes organised. I am very thankful and blessed to have been part of such a great event.” Check out www.facebook.com/SYNCsg/photos for photos of the competition!


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