Goodbye, Beaten Path

This expedition curator wants to help fellow travellers go off the beaten track.

By Edmund Wee      1 November 2019

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner. What Can You Tell Us About Your Reindeer Expeditions?

It’ll be a magical winter wonderland in northern Mongolia. There are less than 40 Tsaatan reindeer herders left there, and they thrive far up north, just below Russia in the Taiga region. To reach them, participants would have to ride on a horse from five to eight hours across the vast steppes and into the mystical woods where cars cannot access. You will most probably be one of the few expedition groups there in the winter who will get up close with the reindeers – more than 50 of them! Not forgetting plenty of late-night campfires and star-gazing.

What Are Some Of Your New Projects Going Forward?

More charity expeditions to spread more awareness and raise more funds for the less fortunate! I’m thinking of taking cancer survivors to cross the largest frozen lake in Mongolia by foot in 2021. I’m also looking at new expeditions to Papua, Borneo and Kyrgyzstan, all of which are pretty rugged, with strong cultures.


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