Fusion Food 2020

Singapore is a food paradise – and the birthplace to many unlikely creations.

By Kelvin Low      7 August 2020

Instead of the usual chicken liver, the dish is accompanied by foie gras. The garlicky and gingery chilli remoulade is made specifically to go well with this dish. Another spicy alternative available is their Nasi Lemak Sushi.

Nasi Coco Supreme

Makcik Market by Tenderbest

This is Nasi Lemak, but spiced up with Japanese Tempura. Originally from Nasi Coco when it was operating in Clementi, this dish has returned at the Tenderbest Makcik Market, a premium lifestyle food superstore in Bedok.

Taking the core component of Nasi Lemak, fragrant coconut rice is served with deep-fried mixed tempura (prawns, chicken tender, luncheon meat, seasonal vegetables) and lava egg. It is complemented with in-house sambal and a secret “Ten” sauce.

Laksa Romana Pizza


Romana Pizza, also known as Roman pizza, is characterised by being very thin and crunchy. It also has a very low edge, making it easy to distinguish from the other pizza type: Neapolitan pizza.

To create the Laksa Pizza, PizzaExpress uses prawns, mussels, squid, clams, quail eggs, fried beancurd and homemade laksa sauce. It’s probably the safer option of satisfying your laksa cravings if you are wearing white clothes!


SAFRA Tampines Upgrades

Fresh from an improvement, this clubhouse celebrates the new milestone with much fanfare.

Never The Twain Shall Meet?

As two disparate food cultures, Spanish tapas and Asian hotpot could not be more different. Or are they?

Master Commander

Ruminations of National Service and fatherhood.